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Benefits of American Modular Tooling

Fast parts fixturing, rapid tool development, simplified machining and fast assembly make American Modular Tooling an ideal addition to the worldwide movement to lean, efficient methods of manufacturing. Every American made element is designed for maximum efficiency and cross-system adaptability. Components are available individually, in kits or as custom fixtures designed and built per your part print.

Benefits of the American Modular Tooling System


Everything except custom machined nets can be re-used to update a model run, or to begin a totally new one.
Rapid Turnaround:
Shortened time frame for design and assembly allows a more comfortable window for changes and adjustment.
Everything except custom parts can be re-used 

Manufacturing and Engineering:

Manufacturing and Assembly:

Other Benefits:

Material Properties of American Modular Tooling Components:

AMT "Professional Grade" Extruded Profiles and Locators
  • 7075-T6, Temper 6
  • KSI Tensile: 78,000 PSI
  • KSI Yield: 68,000 PSI
  • Hard Coat Anodized
  • Elongation Factor: 6%
AMT "Construction Grade" Extruded Profiles and Locators
  • 6061-T6, Temper 6
  • KSI Tensile: 47,000 PSI
  • KSI Yield: 40,000 PSI
  • Hard Coat Anodized
  • Elongation Factor: 8%
AMT "Special Duty" Extruded Profiles
  • 6082-T6, Temper 6, Special Blend
  • KSI Tensile: 45,000 PSI
  • KSI Yield: 30,000 PSI
  • Hard Coat Anodize
  • Elongation Factor: 6.5 to 7.5%
AMT "Special Duty" Cast Products
  • 319, 0-T5 Sand Cast
  • KSI Tensile: 30,000 PSI
  • KSI Yield: 26,000 PSI
  • Hard Coat Anodized
  • Elongation Factor: 1.5%
AMT Connection Elements
  • 2024-T6
  • KSI Tensile: 69,000 PSI
  • KSI Yield: 57,000 PSI
  • Hard Coat Anodized
  • Elongation Factor: 10%